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An independent future for street children in Uganda

Everyone has the right to a dignified, fulfilling, and independent life. Every child has the right to education, care, playtime, and happy childhood. We collaborate with our Ugandan partner organisation, Child Restoration Outreach, to make these rights a reality for children who live on the street. This serves our common goal to provide these children with an independent future.



CRO Bakery

In 2015 CRO Bakery has opened with the goal to bring in revenue for CRO location Lira. Most income is generated with the sale of cakes, which finances school fees and emergencies. This creates a higher degree of independence for CRO Lira. Since 2016 it has financed the fees for 20 pupils annually.
Donations towards the bakery are utilised to further develop the bakery.


In 2019 zijn we gestart met het RESTORE Project bij CRO Lira. Door dit project krijgen kinderen vanaf 16 jaar een vakopleiding. Ze krijgen les en lopen stage. Aan het einde van de opleiding krijgen ze de materialen die ze nodig hebben om zelf geld te verdienen. Geld wat hieraan gedoneerd wordt, wordt gebruikt voor het opstarten van nieuwe opleidingen. Op dit moment hebben we een opleiding tot coupeuse, en willen we uitbreiden naar een kappersopleiding en eventuele andere opleidingen.


School fund

80% of all donations are added to the school fund for street children who are selected to primary and secondary school education at CRO. The selections are made by CRO Uganda, as per their policy, and parents or carers are asked to provide the children with a school uniform and a couple of other resources. The other 20% of the donations is spent on the CRO Bakery which is should be able to sustain the school fund in the long run.

Our story

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Ugandan partner

Child Restoration Outreach Uganda

Child Restoration Outreach Uganda (CRO Uganda) is a Ugandan non-governmental organisation that supports street children and their families and care givers. In 1992 CRO Uganda was established in Mbale and successfully extended to location Jinja (1998), Masaka (2002) and Lira (2007).

Living on the street is a daily struggle to survive, especially for children. It's a world of violence, drugs, illness, hunger and child labour, filled with physical and emotional abuse. CRO Uganda is a safe place where these children can relax, get nutritious food and receive medical and psychological aid, in addition to being raised and educated. CRO Uganda is not an orphanage. Instead, the organisation works to reunite children with their family, as its central belief is that a child’s place is with their family.

The goal of CRO Uganda is to contribute to prevention, rehabilitation, education and family reunion. CRO Uganda also supports families by organising self-help groups and community workshops with the objective to make these families independent.




Every child has the right to education, but unfortunately this isn't a reality for all. We work to grant schooling for as many Ugandan children as possible. We hope to increase the possibilities for these children to have a dignified, happy and independent life by investing in primary and secondary education and vocational degrees, paying special attention to educational sustainability.



We want every child to have an independent future. For us that means a life in which he or she has many chances, can make their own choices, and in which they have the liberty to live their life according to their own priorities. Furthermore, it's our mission to help our local partner organisations become independent. We do this by investing in projects that become self-sustaining.



We work towards our goals through close cooperation with our local partner Child Restoration Outreach Uganda. CRO Uganda has a wealth of knowledge and experience on rehabilitating street children. As they are the experts, we strive to cooperate with them on a basis that is equal.

How you can help


As an individual

Great you want to support us! As a volunteer of the CRO Foundation there are a number of possibilities. Firstly, you can help raise funds for our projects, for instance by setting up a campaign and raise money for the CRO Foundation itself or a specific project. We'd have to ask you to only use our name and logo with our permission. Please get in touch for guidance and flyers. You are also most welcome to volunteer in Uganda if you are eligible. We only support volunteers who have the right experience and who can make valuable contributions. The work you would do needs to be sustainable: you are contributing knowledge. Please get in touch if you would like to learn more.


As a school

Nice to hear that your school is interested in Child Restoration Outreach and the CRO Foundation! For schools we offer a specially designed educational module on citizenship about street children in Uganda (in Dutch). This module can be used in primary and secondary education and aligns with the domains on citizenship education in the Dutch educational system. Whilst the module is free of charge, obtaining it comes with the commitment to organise a fundraising event, such as a sponsored run or Christmas fair. Please contact us for more information. Would you like us to give a talk about Child Restoration Outreach, the CRO Foundation, street children or education in Uganda at your Dutch school? We would love to! Our Foundation has lots of expertise in the domains of education and citizenship, both in primary and secondary education.


As a company

Thank you for your interest Child Restoration Outreach and the CRO Foundation! Modern companies do not only do business in a societally responsible way, but also critically acclaim the good causes they make donations towards. Sustainability and good collaboration are important in this. The CRO Foundation aims to provide Ugandan street children with a dignified, happy, and independent future. We do so by collaborating with a local NGO: CRO Uganda. This organisation has lots of knowledge and years of experience on how to help these children in the best possible ways. As we are regularly present in Uganda, we guarantee your money is spent well.



Local knowledge and experience

Whereas many charities work towards their goals in their own way, we believe in the power of local knowledge and experience. Indeed, local people know the languages, habits, cultures and laws. That’s why they are in a much better position to make the best use of the funds.

The CRO Foundation therefore aims to raise funds to financially support CRO Uganda. How funds are spent is decided in close collaboration and agreement but is initiated by CRO Uganda. This construction does not only ensure that money is spent on more appropriate and well-embedded ways, but also that those who carry out the projects are heavily involved, which significantly increases success rates.

Of course we retain awareness of and pay close attention to the spending of the funds, and provide CRO Uganda with advice where appropriate. On a regular basis we are present in Uganda to help out and keep track of how the proceeds of the CRO Foundation fundraising efforts are spent.

Click here to learn about CRO Uganda.


Sustainable investments

Most Dutch people would associate supporting children in Africa with paying school fees. However, this creates an unstable dependency relation. School fees are paid annually, and donating people cannot always foresee if they can commit to multiple years of paying for these fees. We want to avoid these dependencies and uncertainties by committing to sustainable investments in local projects that bring in money and become self-sustaining.

CRO Bakery is a good example. Our investments in this bakery allows it to not only pay for annual school fees, but also equips CRO Uganda with emergency funds. The bakery is also used to teach pupils skills such as collaboration, cooperation and taking responsibility. Cake orders for one wedding tend to already raise enough funds to pay the annual school fees for two pupils. This gives CRO Uganda much needed control over, and independence from, unstable donations from abroad.

The CRO Foundation thus strives to make more sustainable investments like these, specifically aimed at projects that bring in money locally to spend on education and projects that are self-sustaining, like the RESTORE Project.

Who are we?

Laura Beljaars

My name is Laura Beljaars. I'm the chair of the CRO Foundation. In the summer of 2013 I arrived at CRO for the first time and I fell in love immediately. After finishing my bachelor's of education, I went to live in Lira for 8 months, doing volunteer work for CRO. This changed to a more permanent role when we opened CRO Bakery and I decided to go back to school to get my master's in Development Education & Global Learning at UCL. It's important to me that the CRO Foundation and CRO Uganda work together. And that we start projects that can make both the children and CRO Uganda independent. CRO Bakery is a good example of this, I hope more will follow.


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Suzanne van Burik

Mijn naam is Suzanne van Burik. In het dagelijks leven ben ik directeur van een basisschool en al sinds de oprichting betrokken bij de CRO Foundation. Ik weet als geen ander hoe belangrijk een goede opleiding is maar ook dat niet alle kinderen op deze wereld dezelfde kansen krijgen. Terwijl dat wel zou moeten. Want kennis is de bron van ontwikkeling. Door samen te werken met de lokale bevolking in Oeganda worden er projecten opgezet die opbrengsten genereren, waardoor weer meer kinderen naar school kunnen. Tegelijkertijd zijn de projecten stageplekken, waardoor het mes aan twee kanten snijdt. Het voelt goed om hierbij betrokken te zijn en zo mijn bijdrage te leveren aan de ontwikkeling van kinderen in Oeganda.

Sabina Kloppers
Board member

My name is Sabina Kloppers and I live in Utrecht. I've been involved as board member since the start of the CRO Foundation in November 2019. In my daily life I work as lawyer, specialised in IT law. In my free time, I like to work-out, see my friends and travel. Through my effort for the foundation, I want to help create a positive impact in society and help children to build an independent and happy life.

Hans van Mierlo
Board member

My name is Hans van Mierlo, board member of the CRO Foundation. After more than forty years as a teacher, I am very aware of the importance of education and its impact on making life a success. Us as rich westerners have excess to quality education. However, there are places in this world where this is not the case. That is why I think it's important to help: not by telling how others should work, but to support them in their own endeavours to create a better society. This is what the foundation does: we support where needed and work together with Ugandan people, who are the best judges of where support is needed, with the ultimate goal to make ourselves redundant. This is why I support projects which create educational opportunities for youth and projects which make them independent. This shows trust and commitment. Together, we'll get there.

Koen van Holten
Board member

In het voorjaar van 2021 ben ik bestuurslid van de CRO Foundation geworden omdat ik aangestoken ben door het verhaal dat Laura en Sabina vertelden op een fondsenwervingsactiviteit in mijn omgeving. Daarin benadrukten zij het belang van een goede opleiding en een toekomst voor iedereen. Dat bracht me terug naar de start van mijn eigen opleiding op basisschool ’t Smelleken in Valkenswaard. Het motto van die school is: “de beste start voor een leven lang leren”. Gelukkig heb ik zo’n start kunnen hebben, omdat mijn wieg – toevallig – in Valkenswaard stond en niet in Lira, Oeganda – bijvoorbeeld. Van de tijd op mijn basisschool herinner ik me nog goed dat wij met onze klas een “penvriend” hadden in Suriname. Schrijvend met die vriend was duidelijk dat we allemaal kinderen waren, maar wat was er een verschil tussen die kinderen! Tot voor kort was ik niet meer dan belangstellende en donateur maar door de Covid-19 pandemie – die er voor gezorgd heeft dat de achterstand in onderwijs alleen maar groter geworden is – heb ik besloten de handen ook uit de mouwen te steken. Daarbij hoop ik dat ons verhaal niet alleen mij aansteekt, maar jou ook! Met jouw steun werken we aan de beste start die we kinderen op straat en op school kunnen geven.

The board is supported by a number of enthusiastic volunteers, including:

Jacques Beljaars
Wies Beljaars


The CRO Foundation activities are supported by many individuals and a number of organisations, including:



Why are there so many street children?

Because of poverty many parents are not able to pay the school fees of their children. That's why children have to work and live on the streets. Also, domestic violence, substance abuse and parental loss can play a major role. In most cases this is underpinned by poverty.


How did you choose CRO Uganda?

Back in 2013 Laura joined Edukans on their ‘Educational Expedition' program in Uganda. The trip involved organising a game day at CRO Lira. Deeply impressed by this organisation she has returned there to keep supporting it ever since.


Why didn't you start your own organisation in Uganda?

We believe in the power of the people ‘on the ground'. CRO Uganda has been around since 1992 and has a wealth of knowledge and experience. Who are we to claim we can do better? These local people know what is going on, what is necessary and how to achieve goals best. We want to support them to the best of our ability.


Do you sell goods in the Netherlands?

Sometimes we do, but not always. Sometimes we take Ugandan products, like bags, hairbands, dresses and skirts back to the Netherlands. We sell them via Facebook. Would you to like to order something? Send us your request via and we'll help organise it for you. We cannot guarantee this unfortunately.


How can I raise funds?

Great you want to raise funds for us! You can do so in many ways, for instance by running a half marathon, knitting toys, organising a concert or dinner for your family and friends and, or setting up another kind of donation action via Facebook. Please do let us know about your plans to raise funds for us to receive permission to use our name and leaflets. We recommend using Facebook, as this platform notifies us and it is one of the most trustworthy methods.


What are your bank details?

Name: Stichting CRO Foundation IBAN: NL67 ABNA 0876 9921 65


De CRO Foundation is een ANBI en is aangesloten bij de Dutch NGO Pledge Every Child a Family
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